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Testimonial for Permission to Be Human

“MaryBeth is an authority and thought leader in workplace culture. I’ve experienced the extremely positive results of the tenets of this book.

Permission to Be Human will soon become required reading for leaders looking to build people, teams, and relationships.”

Dr. Charles Johnson-Bey

Senior Vice President of Booz Allen Hamilton

“The beauty of Permission to Be Human is that it combines the wisdom of MaryBeth’s intuitive gifts with proven practices about how diverse groups of individuals can take the journey together, particularly in times of stress, and embrace what once seemed impossible.”

Lisa M. Schroeder

President and CEO of The Pittsburgh Foundation

“Having worked with MaryBeth, I’m thrilled to know her heart-centered work will be impacting even more people in the future. Her authentic actionsvalues, and words illuminate how we can make true cultural shifts to unite us through our shared humanity at work and beyond.”

Darlene Slaughter

Chief Diversity, Inclusion, and Engagement Officer for March of Dimes

“MaryBeth is a powerful, empathic and conscious leader who both lives by her core values and is here to activate more consciousness in the workplace.

In her book, Permission to Be Human she makes the case for using our heart’s wisdom more intentionally so that we can thrive at work today and for generations to come.”

Julie Reisler

International Transformation Coach

“Technology is transforming every single job on the planet and will replace millions of them in the upcoming years.

However, we have an unbeatable competitive advantage over technology: it can’t do what humans are unique and extraordinary at – being human.

Permission to Be Human is a timely and necessary guide for leaders to heighten their EQ, systems, and processes for our shared human experience at work.”

Enrique Rubio

Founder of Hacking HR

“It’s so clear that MaryBeth is giving it all away in Permission to Be Human – her experience, stories, process, and vision of the world.

I am confident that anyone that reads it will have them questioning what more is possible if they took time to intentionally align their values to their actions.”

Jennifer McDowell

Founder and Principal Coach of Common Good

Permission To Be Human: The Conscious Leader's Guide To Creating A Values-Driven Culture

Create a successful workplace culture with the help of international expert and visionary MaryBeth Hyland.

Culture is complex. It has its own language and nuances that can change in an instant. To build a thriving, sustainable company, business leaders must be intentional in crafting cultures that reflect their core values—well beyond creating posters that simply profess them.

But how?

In this step-by-step guide, author MaryBeth Hyland shares her unique approach to fostering a thriving culture where people matter, stay, and grow, driving your business towards unparalleled success.

Through personal storytelling, data-driven insights, and proven practices, MaryBeth illuminates the path to becoming a conscious leader, one who leads with authenticity, self-awareness, and compassion.

This book will teach you how to

• Inspire and mobilize team members

• Empathize with and relate to the human experience at work

• Identify and operationalize your company’s core values

• Create a flourishing, connected, people-centered business

Imagine a workplace where every person embodies their authentic selves, each individual's unique values aligning harmoniously with the organization's vision.

A place where self-care is not a luxury but a norm, and where burnout is replaced with a burning desire to contribute and create. Imagine a culture that does more than just exist - a culture that thrives, driving productivity and engagement to new heights, ensuring not only the success of your business but the satisfaction and growth of every team member.

This is not just another business book. "Permission to Be Human" is your roadmap to creating a values-driven culture.

It's a call to action, a manifesto for mindful leadership, and an invitation to create a business that's not just successful, but also fulfilling and impactful.