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Discussion Document for:

Maryland Bankers Association
2024 Women & Allies Conference

with MaryBeth Hyland


Connecting with you and your intentions for your upcoming Women & Allies Conference was a gift. It is abundantly clear you care about your members and want to support their leadership growth and development by creating a culture of community and connection while having fun!

With the recent growth of women in the industry coupled with your rebranding, it’s the perfect time to give your members full permission to be human.

We heard that success for you means:

  • Increased connection and a sense of community among members across all banks

  • Having interactive conversations during the presentation

  • Having a fun, uplifting, engaging experience that leaves people feeling energized.

  • Launching and experiencing allyship within the conference.

  • Learning tangible tools to increase leadership skills, personal development, and growth.

  • Getting an overall score of 4 out of 5 on your exit surveys.

  • Given these intentions, I am wholeheartedly confident we can make a lasting impact together.

    Below are more details on how we might partner with you to make your vision a reality. We look forward to continuing the conversation.

    MaryBeth Hyland


    Permission to Be Human: Fireside Chat

    An Insightful Conversation with MaryBeth Hyland


    Creating a company culture where people matter is an intentional practice. To do this effectively, conscious leaders need a plan. With Permission to Be Human, you'll get a step-by-step guide on how to create a thriving culture by living your core values.

    Think of this fireside chat as a live podcast recording where you get to have your most pressing questions answered when it comes to all things workplace culture, well-being, core values, emotional intelligence and more.

    By the end, you and your people can apply these simple yet profound ideas and techniques to your own life and organization.

    You can create your own set of questions or choose from our pre-existing guide. This is a vibrant experience that can include live Q&A from your audience throughout.

    As the hosting partner, you would serve as the moderator and facilitator of the conversation. MaryBeth will collaborate with you in advance to ensure you're meeting your goals of the conference. 

    Attendees Will:

    ✅ Get their most pressing questions around stress reduction, workplace culture, conscious leadership, core values, and emotional intelligence answered by MaryBeth

    ✅ Gain practical tips and tools to start their conscious leadership journey to create a thriving culture at work, home, and within

    ✅ Ignite new mindfulness practices to intentionally activate core values

    ✅ Relate, empathize and become empowered by the human experience at work

    Books & Book Club Guide

    Create Lasting Team Building Beyond the Event.

    The impact doesn't stop after the live event! Each attendee will receive an eBook and audiobook copy of Permission to Be Human so they can build on what they learned and start applying it in practical ways.

    You get to share our chapter-by-chapter reflection guide with your attendees so they'll have have simple prompts to reduce stress, increase well-being and experience values-driven success together at work.

    You get to decide where you dig deeper and apply the wisdom you've gain to ignite a thriving culture!

    Book Signing


      Get Signed Copies for Your Audience.

    In addition to everyone receiving an eBook and audio copy of Permission to Be Human, you can also have MaryBeth set up a table to sell and sign hard copies for your attendees. 

    The in-person book signing encourages and supports your audience in feeling seen and heard with 1x1 chats with MaryBeth.

    MaryBeth will even give you high level feedback on themes she heard that might further support your organization’s values-driven success in your next conference! 

    Your Investment Includes Everything

    (Our rates is all-inclusive, including travel so there are no surprises)



  • 60-minute Fireside Chat

  • Transportation/Travel

  • Audiobooks/ebooks for all attendees

  • 10 Hardcopy Signed Books for Council members

  • Book Club Guide

  • Next Step

    MaryBeth is energized by the opportunity to partner with the Maryland Bankers Association, as you’re clearly invested in your people. We’re happy to regroup on another call to explore the next steps and customize this experience to maximize your members' ROI.

    With Gratitude,

    James Hyland

    email: [email protected]

    Did you know that companies with strong cultures saw a fourfold increase in revenue growth?

    That’s why MaryBeth has done the work to remove the overwhelm of the human experience and simplify it into tangible processes. You'll leave with inspiration and tools to operationalize your core values and strengthen the culture around you.

    But don’t take our word for it …

    "MaryBeth was the keynote at our HR conference speaking on Permission to Be Human. I was immediately able to apply what I learned to boost efforts to build a learning culture in our workplace. MaryBeth’s honesty and very human approach was reassuring."

    Delores Elias

    Director of Talent Development, Gordon Feinblatt, LLC

    "MaryBeth’s keynote style was engaging and informative; she was vulnerable and honest. And I left with a renewed sense of purpose and actual techniques that I’ve used to bring me back to a place of peace. If you have the opportunity to hire her, I would absolutely encourage you to do so."

    Nancy Delach

    HR Director, CallRevu

    "As an institution that relies heavily on our commitment to core values her talk was an effective way to share that message. In the past, we had mixed feedback from our attendees on speakers, and this year, we had high marks across every level of our organization. I would highly recommend MaryBeth to companies considering her to keynote."

    Randy B. Jacobs

    Director of Operations at University of Maryland School of Dentistry

    About MaryBeth Hyland

    MaryBeth Hyland is a bestselling author, coach and consultant on how to create a thriving life and business. She’s successfully led culture change efforts across nearly every industry.

    As a certified mediator, mindfulness instructor, and values expert she engages audiences and teams all over the world with her authentic style of facilitation, keynote speaking, and empowerment. 

    She’s a published thought leader in The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and New York Times to name a few.

    You can catch her interviews on how to reduce stress at work on ABC, CBS, and NBC.

    Her recent awards include: “Circle of Excellence“, “Innovator of the Year“, “Top 100 Women“, “Civic Engagement Leader“, and “Leading Women“.

    Her personal life’s mission is to remind people of the truth by giving full permission to be human.

    When she’s not on stage, she can be found on horseback in the mountains of Idaho wrangling cattle on her quest to become a cowgirl!

    Learn More