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Capability Statement for:


with MaryBeth Hyland


Thank you for reviewing our capabilities on how we could support your efforts through our speaking, coaching, and courses.

  • Speaking. Organizations that invest in their culture know that it's a year-round, daily experience. My keynotes and fireside chats are a perfect opportunity to enhance and support your efforts to take your core values from branding to a lived experience. These are typically delivered during leadership retreats, all-staff meetings, annual meetings, or conferences.

  • Coaching. Often, leadership wants to be more in alignment with their core values, but they're too busy to know where to start. My 1x1 coaching supports team members who are ready to create values-driven success. In particular, DEI executives have benefitted from embracing this work internally so they can be even more effective in how they deliver values efforts externally.

  • Courses. Designed for self-paced 24/7 learning for leaders who want to boost their emotional intelligence and well-being when it comes to values-alignment in their own lives.

  • Below, you can find more details on each. We look forward to continuing the conversation.


    MaryBeth Hyland


    Permission to Be Human Keynote

    How to Create A Thriving Values-Driven Culture

    What if your team wasn’t drained because they’re doing too much, but rather doing too little of what reflects their values?

    People crave connection, belonging, and purpose at work, but sadly that’s far from the norm for most organizations. In fact, less than 1O% of companies with core values, operationalize them to be more than just a poster on the wall – missing the opportunity to ignite authentic motivation and engagement at work.

    So instead of breading an environment of disconnected, disengaged zoomed-out zombies, learn the process and skills that it takes to create a thriving people-first environment starting with yourself, then your team and company at large.

    In this entertaining and interactive presentation filled with fun research and a proven values-alignment framework, MaryBeth Hyland, best-selling author and global consultant, will inspire your audience to give themselves and others, permission to be human at work, unleashing higher productivity, profit and purpose through shared values.

    Are you ready to stop pretending we’re robots and start giving Permission to Be Human at work so that you can create a thriving values-driven culture?

    Attendees Will:

    ✅ Relate, empathize, and set boundaries with culture killers and culture keepers at work

    ✅ Identify where their core values are being experienced or violated within their team

    ✅ Learn how to slow down, reflect, and realign to reduce stress and increase connection

    ✅ Gain a framework to start their inner leadership journey to create a conscious thriving culture

    Fireside Chat Session

    An Insightful Conversation with MaryBeth Hyland


    Think of this as a live podcast recording where you get to have your most pressing questions answered when it comes to all things workplace culture, well-being, core values, emotional intelligence and more.

    By the end, you and your people can apply these simple yet profound ideas and techniques to your own life and organization.

    You can create your own set of questions or choose from our pre-existing guide. This is a vibrant experience that can include live Q&A from your audience throughout.

    As the hosting partner, you would serve as the moderator and facilitator of the experience and open it to your community.

    We recommend a brief introduction of why this conversation matters to you/your organization, an introduction of MaryBeth, followed by a prepared and/or live Q&A.

    Attendees Will:

    ✅ Get their most pressing questions answered by MaryBeth

    ✅ Gain practical tips and tools to start their conscious leadership journey to create a thriving culture

    ✅ Ignite new values-based mindfulness practices to intentionally activate core values

    ✅ Relate and empathize with the human experience at work

    Ground in Your Values Breakout Session

    Release Stress and Ignite Alignment

    77% of us are reporting that we’re burnt out! It’s time to take control of your well-being and reduce your stress by grounding in your values.

    Purpose & Objective: 

    During times of anxiety, stress, and burnout, core values are the grounding force that eliminates those feelings of overwhelm so that you can serve yourself and those around you. 

    Whether you realize it not, you are a walking, talking, living, loving, breathing set of values. From the job you choose to the clothes you wear to the people and experiences you enjoy — your choices are a reflection of your values. When those values are violated, stress is the result, and when they’re activated, you feel alive! 

    So when you know how to intentionally activate your core values, incredible power, energy, and freedom become possible for you with ease and grace. 

    This workshop will teach you how to own your core values* and harness them as a compass to stay grounded, connected, and aligned so that you can start and end the day feeling filled and not drained.

    *Can be customized to the shared core values of your company. 

    Attendees Will:

    ✅ Learn how their energy is filled and drained based on values alignment and disconnect

    ✅ Identify one to three core values that can serve as stress relief

    ✅ Ignite new values-based mindfulness practices to intentionally activate core values

    ✅ Gain practical tips and tools to embody core values from a place of empowerment and possibility each day.

    Alignment Coaching

    No matter how many societal measures of “success” you achieve, most people don’t feel successful in life. Even the most seasoned executives are burnt out, unclear, and taking on too much for others and not enough for themselves. In other words, they’re out of alignment.

    That disconnect is overwhelming yet painfully “normal”. Like being on auto-pilot, feeling locked into misaligned leadership styles, roles, relationships, and communities. So much of this is from a lack of clarity on what’s possible, how to set boundaries and where to start.

    It’s time to focus on you.

    Our individual alignment coaching can show you how.

    What are the results you can expect?

    ✅ Ability to give yourself and others permission to be human instead of anxiety-inducing perfectionism.

    ✅ Navigate change with confidence by living your values so you can.

    ✅ Shift from limiting beliefs to empowered self-talk so you can cheer yourself on instead of beating yourself up.

    ✅ A greater sense of well-being through your unique own self-care toolkit from proven practices, rather than numbing or ignoring issues.

    ✅ More effective communication in crucial conversations and every day discussions to set healthy boundaries to protect your energy.

    ✅ Higher levels of emotional intelligence through self-awareness, self-compassion and self-care.

    ✅ Capacity to slow down, get unstuck, and end the cycle of burn out through mindfulness skills.

    ✅ Psychological safety with confidential coaching and deep listening that you can further develop in your relationships with others.

    Next Step

    We are energized by the opportunity to partner with an organization that is clearly invested in its people. We’re happy to regroup on another call to explore the next steps if you want to go deeper.

    When would be best to reconnect?

    With Gratitude,

    James Hyland

    email: [email protected]

    Did you know that companies with strong cultures saw a fourfold increase in revenue growth?

    That’s why MaryBeth has done the work to remove the overwhelm of the human experience and simplify it into tangible processes. You'll leave with inspiration and tools to operationalize your core values and strengthen the culture around you.

    But don’t take our word for it …

    "MaryBeth was the keynote at our HR conference speaking on Permission to Be Human. I was immediately able to apply what I learned to boost efforts to build a learning culture in our workplace. MaryBeth’s honesty and very human approach was reassuring."

    Delores Elias

    Director of Talent Development, Gordon Feinblatt, LLC

    "MaryBeth was amazing in facilitating a speaking event on mindful leadership with UPS. With the new UPS Leadership Model (Head, Heart, and Hands), MaryBeth's approach was just the reinforcement our team needed. I have received very positive feedback from our team, and highly recommend her to help you and others give themselves permission to be human!"

    Greg O'Leary

    Area Security Manager at UPS

    "While she doesn't brand herself this way, I'm here to tell you that MaryBeth is an equity, diversity, and inclusion expert! Her approach to core values is a natural and welcomed enhancement to our DEI efforts."

    Eleanor Fleming

    PhD, DDS, MPH, Assistant Dean of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

    About MaryBeth Hyland

    MaryBeth Hyland is a bestselling author, coach and consultant on how to create a thriving life and business. She’s successfully led culture change efforts across nearly every industry.

    As a certified mediator, mindfulness instructor, and values expert she engages audiences and teams all over the world with her authentic style of facilitation, keynote speaking, and empowerment. 

    She’s a published thought leader in The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and New York Times to name a few.

    You can catch her interviews on how to reduce stress at work on ABC, CBS, and NBC.

    Her recent awards include: “Circle of Excellence“, “Innovator of the Year“, “Top 100 Women“, “Civic Engagement Leader“, and “Leading Women“.

    Her personal life’s mission is to remind people of the truth by giving full permission to be human.

    When she’s not on stage, she can be found on horseback in the mountains of Idaho wrangling cattle on her quest to become a cowgirl!

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